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2016-12-20 08:13:17 by thegamingsoul

so i want to create a game lol um so what program should i use?


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2016-12-20 08:36:34

You can start with simple ones like Construct 2 or Gamemaker but it depends on what kind of game you have in mind.

thegamingsoul responds:

k um i just wanna make a first person game any ideas?


2016-12-20 08:54:40

Construct 2 is shit unless you have a license.
GameMaker Studio allows you to only export .exe if you don't have a license but it doesn't limit you to like 100 events like in Construct 2.
Phaser.Js is also good, it's not a game engine, it's a javascript framework, it's really good.

thegamingsoul responds:

thanks but can you make a first person game with any of these


2016-12-30 06:37:11

Game Maker has 3D abilities, so i think you can with enough time and effort.
Try Unity if you need something a lot easier though.

thegamingsoul responds: